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How to Write a Blog Post to Convert Your Blog Visitors into Engaging Readers (Updated in Nov 2023)

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Are you looking for an answer to one of the following questions before writing a blockbuster blog post?

What kind of blog posts do people actually read?

What is the secret formula for writing a good blog post?

How to write a blog post to make people stick to it till the end?

So, my friend luckily, you have landed at the right place. I will tell you what elements are required to write a better blog post, that encourages the readers to read till the end.

Before going into detail let me tell you, if you are struggling to start a blog and overwhelmed with all the technicalities involved, just hop onto my other post. How to start a blog?

And if you are struggling with selection of niche for your blog. Read here.

Now, without further due let’s dig out the secret of writing the perfect blockbuster blog post.

15 tips to write a blog post

Tips for Writing a Blockbuster Blog Post

Select the Topic

As you know the first step before starting the blog is to find your niche, similarly, the first step before writing a blog post is to decide a topic. It is crucial.

If you sit in front of an empty screen of your laptop and you don’t actually know what you want to write about, it will not work.

You should always have a topic in your mind which will benefit your audience.

You can also use buzzsomo for content ideas and to see what others are writing about.

Once you have decided what to write about or what problem of your audience you will be solving, then comes the second step.

Keyword Research for Writing a Blog Post

Our second step will be keyword research. I know doing keyword research is a bit overwhelming. I also personally don’t like this step. But the reality is, it has to be done.

It helps in two ways.

  1. Helps you with search engine optimization.
  2. Helps you to structure the post around the searching terms people are using.

You must have heard about a lot of tools that help in keyword research. Some of them are paid and others are free.

At the start of blogging, I will not advise you to buy paid tools for this. Because even paid tools do not provide 100% accurate data.

In the beginning, it is good to use free tools for keyword research.

My favorite free tools that I use for keyword research are:

  1. Google search bar
  2. Neil Patel’s Chrome extension
  3. Ahref’s Keyword Generator
  4. People Also Ask
  5. Keyword surfer
  6. Keywords Everywhere
  7. Pinterest

So, once you have come up with the topic and the keywords then begins the real game.

Topic Research

Once you have finalized the topic that that you want to write about and done with the Keyword research, then the next step is to do Google research to see what your competitors are writing about that topic. What information are they providing.

You don’t need to do this with the intention of copying or replicating the same stuff that they have provided to their audience. You need to do this to with the intend to gain more information about that topic.

You should have a look on at least first three search results for your keyword.

Once you have seen what information others are providing, now you should try to write better and add more information to your blog post to outrank others.

Select the Headline for the Blog Post

The best practice is to start with a headline.

Don’t just start writing the post without deciding and writing the headline.

Having your headline or title will help you focus on the topic and will keep you streamlined. If you start writing the blog post without writing the headline, then it will be very difficult for you to keep your post on the right track.

Not only writing a headline is important but making it catchy is also essential for writing a blockbuster blog post.

Try to write at least three versions of the headline and then read them one by one and see which attracts you more.

You can also ask your friends to choose one for you.

Everyone who sees your post will first read the headline, and if they find it click-worthy only then they will click on your post.

So, remember, no one cares how well the post is written until you have a tempting headline. You can also use headline studio by Co schedule to check headline score and SEO score. They will also provide you with suggestions to improve the title.

Blog Post Outline

Creating a blog post outline is very important. Once you have your title in front of you and you are done with the keyword and content research then the next step that you should do is to write a blog post outline.

Blog post outline consists of all the headings and important points that you want to add to your blog post. Your blog post outline should be structured with headings and subheadings such as H2, H3, H4 and important points that you want to include in them. This might take some time but it’s worth it.

Once you have done this writing a blog post will be no more overwhelming. and you content will be more informative and structured.


The next important step in writing a blog post is the introduction.

Your introduction should be engaging and interesting. It should be able to hook people around so that they read your complete post.

In your introduction address your readers about what will you teach them. How will this post help them?

For example, in the introduction of this post, I asked a few questions from you, and I told you how this post will help you find answers to those questions.

This made you stick to this post and read further.

Studies have shown that you just have 2 to 3 seconds to grab the attention of the reader. If in this short duration of time, you are able to grab the attention of your reader only then they will continue reading.

So, make full use of your abilities to make the introduction of your blog post intriguing.

Body of the Blog Post

In this era, trust me people are very short of time. They have busy lives and want to learn as fast as they can. Most of the time rather than going through your complete post they want to skim all the information you have for them.

Even if they read your complete post, it will be easier for them if you have divided your content into various subheadings.

Another important point to note is to divide your blog post into short paragraphs. No one likes to read long walls of content.

If it is not pleasing to the eyes, no one cares how much quality you are providing in your content.

So always try to use subheadings and break your post into short paragraphs. Each paragraph should not be more than 4-5 lines.

This will make it easier for their brain to process the information.

You can also try using bullet points where needed, instead of writing long sentences.

Internal and External Links

Another factor that helps your post to rank higher and attracts more traffic to your blog is the use of internal and external links.

Internal links mean linking your one blog post with other similar blog posts on your blog.

For example, here I am teaching you how to write a perfect block post, and while doing that I have also referred you to my other similar posts, that you might be interested in.

This way you help the reader to find similar content right away rather than searching for it on your blog.

Secondly, you also increase the time they spend on your blog. This again helps you with the SEO of your blog.

Now let me tell you what external links are.

Adding external links to your blog is the way you link to other people’s content. That content should be similar to what you are talking about and should provide value to your readers.

There is another benefit of linking to others’ content. Once you have linked to a person’s content, you can email them and let them know how much you like their content and which of their blog post or video you have linked to.

Give them the link to your blog post, so that they can have a look.

And in the end, ask them to share with their audience or even link back to your post.

Everyone likes pleasing remarks, so there are good chances they will share your post with their audience.

If they do so, it will help your blog post to get more shares and your blog will get the much-needed boost.

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    Including graphics in the form of photos, infographics or Pinterest pins is very essential in creating a blockbuster blog post.

    This is an age of visuals. So, anyone coming to your blog would like to stay there if eye-catching and relevant graphics are available.

    These days no one is interested in reading long posts without images.

    If you want readers to stick to your post longer, you must include good graphics.

    One important thing to keep in mind while adding any image to your blog post is to reduce the size of the image. When the size of the image is small it takes less time to load and helps to increasing the speed of your website. There are some WordPress plugins like Smush, that decrease the size of the image after it’s uploaded. But I prefer reducing the size of the image manually before uploading and my favorite website to do so is compresspng. It helps to reduce the size of all formats of images including JPG, PNG etc.

    Also, consider adding a YouTube video to your blog post. It seems like a whole different thing, but this is what is required these days. This will also help your content to stand out in millions of blogs. If you don’t have a YouTube video of your own, you can add any relevant video from YouTube. If any visitor watches the video, it will increase the average time a reader spends on your blog.


    Always try to add a summary or conclusion to your blog post.

    Many studies have shown that when readers land on your blog post, they swipe down to the conclusion. And if they find the conclusion interesting, they tend to read the whole post.

    Keeping this in mind always write a comprehensive summary of what you have talked about in your blog post.

    You can write it in the form of small paragraphs or bullet points, any way that you like.

    Add a Call to Action

    At the end of your post, always add a call to action.

    End your post by asking a question or a suggestion. You can even ask them to share your post with their friends.

    This will make your readers interact with your content.

    You will also get to know what your readers are liking and with what type of your posts are they interacting with the most.

    This will also help to build a relationship with your readers which will benefit you in the long run.

    So. Next time when you write a blog post, don’t forget to leave a call to action.

    Also read: Call to Action Ideas for Pinterest Pins.

    Word Count

    The total word count of your post is very essential.

    Long gone are those days when you would write a post of 500 to 700 words, and it would have been enough.

    Now, you must write a blog post of at least 1500 or more words. The longer the post, the better.

    When you write a longer post it helps your audience understand the topic under discussion well. Secondly, it will also help you to rank higher in Google because then Google will consider you an expert in your niche.

    Having said that, this doesn’t mean that you start writing lame information in your post just to drag your word count. This will not help.

    All the information that you provide should be helpful and relevant.

    Keyword Density

    All the tips that I have talked about will help you with the search engine optimization of your blockbuster blog post. Important ones are keyword research, internal and external links, and word count.

    Another important factor is the density of the keyword used. If you are writing a blog post of about 1500 words, then you should use your keyword about 6 times.

    Along with this try to use helping and relevant keywords throughout your content.

    This will help your post rank higher in the Google search engine.

    You can also watch this video by Neil Patel to write a perfect blog post.

    Table of Contents

    Another important factor that has recently surfaced over the internet to help in SEO is adding a table of contents to your blog posts.

    It helps the reader to see the structure of your blog post and what important topics you have covered in it. It helps the visitor to quickly get the insight of your post and to jump on to any relevant topic or part of your blog post. It is really beneficial from the reader’s point of view.

    Thankfully, you don’t have to create it manually for all of your posts. There are various WordPress plugins available to do so. You only need to make some settings after installing the plugin and there you go. It will add a table of content to all of your posts. The plugin that I use is Easy Table of Contents.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    While writing a blog post, another important thing to consider is to add FAQs at the end of your blog. This really helps the reader to find answer to their simple questions that are not answered.

    Adding a FAQs section to your blog posts also helps you in SEO and ranking of your blog post.

    Wrapping up

    Isn’t it painful, when you spend hours writing a post and it ends up getting only negligible traction?

    I know it does.

    So, my friend in order to get the right amount of traffic to your blog you need to write blog buster blog posts.

    Here are the important factors you need to keep in mind.

    • Select a topic that your audience might be interested in.
    • Do keyword research.
    • Select an appealing title for your post.
    • Write an attention-grabbing introduction.
    • Body of your blog post should contain subheadings and small paragraphs.
    • Don’t forget to add Internal and external links.
    • Add images and videos. Make sure to reduce the size of the image before uploading it.
    • Always write a conclusion.
    • Add a call to action.
    •  Try to write a detailed post with number count around 1500.
    •  Keep in mind the keyword density.
    how to write a blog post to rank high on google

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