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Best Call to Action Ideas for Pinterest Pins (91+ CTA Examples Included)

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Have you tried creating high-quality pins with click-worthy pin titles and descriptions but still not able to see solid results? Do you know what might you be missing? It’s a powerful call to action.

Yes, you heard me right.

Call to action, also popularly called CTA is very important in marketing, especially in the world of digital marketing. It guides your audiences on what to do next. So, it should convey a clear and sound message to your audience.

Wait, before getting into the details of how to write a good call to action, let’s first understand what a CTA is actually and why it is important on Pinterest.

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What is a Call to Action (CTA)?

A call to action is a salient part of marketing. No marketing campaign or ad is ever complete without a proper call to action.

It is a prompt that encourages the audiences and consumers to take the necessary action required. Call to action serves as a guide for audiences on what should they do next.

You can consider calls to action as signboards on the highway that guide you on which exit to take.

Why are Call to Actions (CTAs) Important on Pinterest?

Now let’s talk about the importance of a call to action on Pinterest.

Bloggers and business owners use Pinterest to market their content and products because Pinterest is more than just a social media platform. It is a type of search engine like Google but a prettier version. Isn’t it?

Read more about Pinterest marketing here.

Pinterest is a visual search engine that responds to search queries of its users by showing them relevant pins.

So, anyone who is creating content on Pinterest needs to focus on the following important tasks.

  1. Create eye-catching and high-quality pin images.
  2. Write search-optimized pin titles.
  3. Add an engaging pin description including relevant keywords.

Creating visually appealing pin images is crucial for success on Pinterest. It is the first impression that your content will have on your audience and you want it to be strong enough. Scroll-stopping pin images will be the first thing that will compel them to click on your pin.

Also read: How to design click-worthy Pinterest pins.

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    Once you have created beautiful Pinterest pins you are ready to post them on Pinterest. While posting on Pinterest you need to write a persuasive pin title and description.

    The pin title is just like a headline that tells the user in limited words what the pin is about. If it is compelling enough, the pinner will go a step further and read the description.

    You can get 61+ pin title ideas here.

    The pin description is a short summary, at a maximum comprising 500 characters. It informs the Pinterest user what is the type of content that this pin is referring to. It should be engaging and comprehensive enough to communicate the pinner, what this content is about and how will it benefit him or her. The benefit could be a piece of information, a solution, or a product.

    If you want to know how to write engaging pin descriptions, read more here.

    After creating visually appealing pin images and writing SEO-optimized pin titles and descriptions, the job is still not completely done.

    In order to convert Pinterest users into blog visitors or product buyers you need to direct them what to do next.

    Your call to action should be very clear and specific. It is a common human psychology that humans tend to perform a task more often about which they are clearly directed.

    A good call to action should indeed communicate what you require the Pinterest user to do and why.

    How to Write a CTA?

    The best way to write a call to action is to tell the audience what to do and what will they achieve in return.

    Don’t just write a plain call to action, make it enticing enough that it creates an urge to take the required action.

    Adding a persuasive CTA is a must after you have enlightened your audience about the salient features of your content. Make it stand out and encouraging enough to go ahead.

    What is a Creative CTA?

    A creative call to action is a prompt that provokes emotion and creates a buzz. It should be able to generate eagerness and readiness to take action at the moment. Make it exciting enough that is difficult to resist.

    To make your CTA creative add buzzwords like:

    • Act now!
    • Claim your offer!
    • Unlock access!
    • Try it risk-free!

    Tips for Writing a Perfect Call to Action (CTA):

    Following are the most useful tips for writing a perfect call to action.

    Short and Precise

    CTA should be brief and to the point, conveying the message with clarity. Don’t make it unnecessarily long.

    Clear Message

    It should be able to convey an easily understood message to encourage the user to make an immediate response.

    Aligns With Your Brand

    Your Call to action should resonate with your brand, whether it is formal or casual. The tone of your CTA should signify the personality of your brand. This will encourage the audience to take the action instantly.

    Add a Single CTA

    A single call-to-action phrase is enough for a pin. You should not add more than one CTA because it will be confusing for the audience, and it will decrease the chances of click-throughs.

    Communicate in a Natural Way

    A good call to action is one which is written in a natural and conversational tone. It should not appear as if it is directed at a robot. Communicating in a natural way creates more relatability, and trust. A well-crafted CTA improves user experience and results in more conversions.

    The Formula for Writing a Perfect Call to Action

    The formula for writing a perfect call to action is as follows:

    Relevance + Clarity + Urgency

    Relevancy is the main thing that keeps the audience hooked to your Pinterest profile and pins. The call to action that you are giving to your audience should be relevant to your content and audience.

    Pinterest users are very clear about their intent on Pinterest. They almost always have a query in mind for which they are seeking a solution. So, your pin title, pin description, and CTA should be very sound and clear. There should be no ambiguity or guessing game involved.

    Adding an element of urgency like now or today, instantly conveys the sense of urgency. As a part of human psychology when there is a limited time or urgency, people tend to act fast. This can help you in better conversion of your call to action.

    How to Use Call to Action on Pinterest

    Do you think a call to action can only be used in a pin description? Let me enlighten you with some more options as follows:

    1. Pinterest cover – Here you can ask your audiences to download your freebie or sign up for a master class. You cannot add a clickable link on the cover, but you can guide your audience via your call to action where to sign up.

    2. Pinterest Bio – While writing your Pinterest bio, you can promote your offers by directing your visitors to what you want them to do.

    3. Pin Text Overlay – Another important location to add a call to action is your text overlay. The pin is usually the first thing that Pinterest users will see. So, it’s beneficial if you mention your CTA on the pin image.

    4. Video pin – You can also ask your audience to take a specific action in your video pins. You can mention it at the start of the pin and also at the end of the pin. Using calls to action was very effective in idea pins but as they are no longer available you can use that strategy in your video pins.

    5. Pin Title – Adding a call to action to the pin titles that are linked to an offer converts well.

    6. Pin Description – Finally the most important and most commonly used location for mentioning the call to action is the pin description. Once you have briefly presented the context of the pin to your audience, then you should direct them to their next step with your powerful call to action.

    Call To Action Ideas for Pinterest

    Following are a few useful call-to-action examples for you.

    • Act now!
    • Claim your offer!
    • Unlock access!
    • Try it risk-free!
    • Download the….
    • Get the full list of….
    • Access this step-by-step guide of…..
    • Swipe my actual Strategy.
    • Snag the checklist now.
    • Grab the list of …
    • Try it for free……
    • Get your personal guide of….
    • See the full list of….
    • Read more about …. on the blog
    • Learn in detail about…..
    • Discover the best 5 ways to …..
    • Feel free to download the…..
    • Download your “Must-Do” List for…..
    • Learn how to ………. fast!
    • Find out how to……..
    • Customize your…… with this checklist.
    • Create your ….. by following the simple steps mentioned in the blog post.
    • Create your own success story by……
    • Treat yourself with……
    • Follow these steps to…..
    • Follow this guide to get…..
    • Convert your ….. into …… by…..
    • Fasten the seat belt and take your first step towards…….
    • Here is how to optimize……
    • Get …… now so that you never regret it.
    • Reserve your spot just now!
    • Save your seat for…….
    • Watch the training now.
    • Watch this quick ……..
    • Follow this tutorial to….
    • Take action by ……
    • Get some …….. just now!
    • Take this course to…..
    • Stock up your ……. with these …….
    • Try this to …….
    • Try these tips to …….
    • Create your ……. today.
    • DIY this ……. at home.
    • DIY your own ……
    • Add ……….. to your smoothies to get healthy.
    • Customize your …… following this guide.
    • Make this yours!
    • Implement this ……… to …….
    • Find a ……. With this blog post.
    • Start …… to……..
    • Start this today.
    • Finally, start yours ….
    • It’s time to start……
    • Start planning about ……
    • Begin with ……… today.
    • Skip ……. To………
    • Get ….. to never run out of cool ideas
    • Fix ….. in just …… steps! 
    • Avoid these common mistakes to……
    • Don’t make these mistakes to……
    • Take action by…..
    • Buy your…
    • Shop …… here.
    • Running out fast, place your order now.
    • Save this for…..
    • Add to cart.
    • Sign up for……
    • Try ….. to ….. 
    • Get started with ….
    • Subscribe to …….
    • Join our …….
    • Claim your…….
    • Download ……  now for free!
    • Take advantage of ….
    • See more.
    • See how.
    • Learn how to ……now!
    • Check it out.
    • Continue to learn more.
    • Explore more by….
    • Learn how can you too!
    • Read how I……..
    • Check out for more ….
    • Learn ….. ways to …..
    • Learn all the secrets to…..
    • Read more.
    • Purchase …… before it’s gone.
    • Sign up to claim your free ……..
    • Save it for later…..
    • Follow me for…
    • Book now.

    Final Word:

    A call to action is a prompt that directs the audience towards a specific action. It is a potent factor in any type of marketing and in particular for Pinterest marketing.

    Calls to action should be relevant, and clear, and should reflect an element of urgency. This helps the users to take action fast.

    While writing a call to action make sure to address it in a natural tone, and keep it short.  It should align with your brand type.

     Call to action can be used in various ways in the Pinterest cover image, Pinterest bio, text overlay, pin title, and description.

    Let me know in the comments how often you use calls to action on Pinterest.

    I have two great resources for you, Pinterest pin templates and a Pinterest SEO checklist that you can download for free.

    Free Pinterest SEO checklist


    Does Pinterest have CTAs?

    Yes, calls to action are a popular and important part of Pinterest’s marketing strategy for bloggers and business owners.

    What is CTA on Pinterest?

    A call to action on Pinterest is a way to guide your Pinterest audience about the next step that you want them to take.

    Pin this blog post and share with your friends.

    best call to action ideas

    You can read more about CTAs here.

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