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Best Free Keyword Research Tools for SEO – 7th One Will Surprise You! (Updated April 2024)

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Are you overwhelmed with all the information on the internet regarding finding keywords and free keyword research tools?

And find it too difficult to process it.

I have been in your shoes as well.

Trying to apply all the information available and spending hours and hours to find good keywords was draining my energy.

So much so that I wasn’t even able to focus on my content.

And it was not as fruitful as it was supposed to be.

I know in this busy life when you have so much to look after you cannot afford to spend so much time finding keywords.

And I don’t expect you to spend money on paid keyword tools either at least as a new blogger.

But this doesn’t mean that you cannot find good keywords.

Thankfully in my blogging journey, I have come across free and useful tools that have made things easier for me.

And here I will share those with you and make this grinding task easier for you.

First, let’s find answers to some basic questions.

Keyword Research tools

What are Keywords?

Keywords are the search terms that people are using in search engines to find answers or solutions.

It can be a word or group of words that people use on the internet while searching for a particular thing.

How are Keywords Used in a Blog Post?

Keywords are used in various ways in a blog post.

It is advised to use keywords in your URL, title, first paragraph, subheadings, and about 3,4 times in a post of 1000 words.

Are Keywords Still Important?

Before going any further, this needs to be answered.

Yes,Keywords are still important and relevant.

Keywords give you an idea of what people are searching for in your niche. It will give you an idea of how you should plan your content and what you should be writing.

Do Keywords Still Matter for SEO?

The answer to this is that keywords are just one of the many reasons that help you with SEO.

It is not the only or most important factor in terms of improving your blog’s ranking.

Should You Even be Using Keywords?

Yes, you should use keywords and but don’t let keywords use you.

Did you get it?

Let me say it again.

You should use the keywords but don’t let the keywords use you.

It is very important to understand.

You should be the one using the keywords to plan and write your content.

You should be in the driving seat and use them as a helping tool.

Don’t let the keywords force you to write on a particular topic that is either not relevant to your niche or is none of your audience’s interest.

And don’t stuff your blog post with the keywords. Use them only when it is necessary to take maximum benefits.

Now with a clear mind and a good understanding of how to use a keyword, we will look into useful free tools for keyword research.

Are the Free Keyword Research Tools Accurate?

No, the keyword research tools are not accurate. No matter paid or free.

Every tool provides an average idea of a few parameters such as search volume, cost per click, paid difficulty, etc.

But no tool is accurate enough.

So, you should be using these tools just to get an idea about the search terms that are frequently used, their average search volume, and keyword difficulty.

By Far the Best Free Keyword Research Tools for SEO

With my blogging experience, I have been able to use and put forward some really useful free keyword research tools.

Let’s have a look at them.

1. Google Autosuggestion

First on my list is the Google search engine. It is by far my favorite tool to use for keyword research.

let me know in comments were you expecting this on the list of free keyword research tools?

Now, let me show you how it helps me and how will it help you.

When you enter a word or a phrase in your Google search engine. You would have noticed that it gives some autosuggestions to complete that phrase or to make your search more specific.

That is what will help you.

Whenever a person uses the Google search engine to look for something, google stores that information.

And then uses this information in the form of autosuggestions based on the search terms commonly used by its users.

For example, when I type in the google search “how to start a blog “.

It will give some autosuggestions based on its user’s search pattern.

And this is what you should do.

You should go through all these autosuggestions and see which is the best topic that will benefit your audience.

I love this tool so much, that if I have to choose one, I will go with this free, all-time available tool.

Google Search Result

2. Ubersuggest Web Extension

Next on the list is Neil Patel’s web extension.

If you have been in the blogging world for some time, you must have heard of Ubersuggest by Neil Patel.

It used to be free in the past but now it’s paid and allows only three free searches in a day.

But one good thing is that now we have its free extension.

When you search for a particular word or a phrase in the Google search bar, this tool will tell you about:

  • Search volume and CPC
  • List of keyword suggestions in the right-hand sidebar (you can set your country preference)
  • Average domain score and number of backlinks for the top 10 Google search results
  • Pinterest and Facebook shares for the first 10 Google search results

    These parameters are helpful in keyword research for SEO.

ubersuggest web extension

3. Keyword Surfer

Now let’s talk about the Keyword Surfer extension. It is one of the free keyword research tools.

This is also a free extension. It comes with a very important feature that enables you to see the search volumes in the Google search results.

Key features of this free web tool are:

  • Search volume of the main search term
  • Related searches with their volume
  • Cost per click of the primary search term

Keyword Surfer extension also allows you to add the most helpful keyword suggestions to a virtual clipboard by clicking on the star next to each word.

Isn’t it helpful?

keyword surfer

4. Keyword Everywhere

Fourth on my list of free keyword research tools is Keyword Everywhere.

It is also a free extension that you can use on your web browser.

When you search for a particular word or phrase in the Google search bar it tells you about:

  • Monthly search volume
  • Cost per click
  • Trend chart in the sidebar
  • Related keywords
  • Organic traffic a URL is getting in the search results
  • Number of keywords that URL is ranking for

The data it provides will not only help you to find good keywords but also keep you aware of your competitor’s website metrics.

keyword everywhere

5. Ahrefs Keyword Generator

Ahrefs is a very famous keyword research tool. Its paid version is used by many pro bloggers.

But it also has a free keyword research tool, and it works amazingly.

This free version provides information like:

  • Related Keywords
  • Keyword difficulty
  • Search volume

This tool also provides questions related to your keyword. which is a great bonus. You also select the country you want to target.

ahrefs keyword generator

6. People Also Ask

This is a very helpful tool. I have recently started using it.

When you enter a search term in this tool, it provides with a very long list of questions related to that keyword depending on Google search results. It helps to find long-tail keywords. You can also select the country of your choice.

This tool helps a lot in content creation. These questions also help a lot in creating a FAQ section in your blog post. In free version you can make search up to for three keywords with in 24 hours. I think this is enough.

people also ask

7. Pinterest Search Bar

Didn’t this surprise you?

It surely did.

I am sure you didn’t expect this to be included in free keyword research tools list.

Because I have seen no one talking about Pinterest as a search tool. I don’t know why?

Pinterest is not only a social media, but it is also a visual search engine.

People use it quite often to look for something.

It is extremely popular in the United States. So, if your target audience is in the United States, you should definitely be using this.

You just need to go to Pinterest and type your target word. Pinterest will give you suggestions on the basis of the search behavior of its audience.

There you go.

pinterest keyword research

These will be the keywords that will help you create content that people actually need. The content people are actually searching for.

There is one more very important benefit of using this technique.

You will be using Pinterest to grow and gain traffic to your blog. So, writing about what are people searching for on Pinterest makes sense.

Isn’t it?

This is what makes Pinterest so special.

You can look at what people are searching for and then attract those people to your website.

Learn Here how to do Pinterest Keyword Research.

Conclusion- Free Keyword Research Tools

Keyword research for a blog post is important but can be overwhelming as well.

Do you find keyword research difficult and time-consuming? Do you feel it takes a lot of time to do keyword research and leaves less time for you to focus on content writing?

So, did I.

But then I came across a few tools that have made this task easier and less time-consuming.

The free keyword research tools that you must be using are:

  • Google Autosuggestion
  • Ubersuggest Web Extension
  • Keyword Surfer
  • Keyword Everywhere
  • Ahrefs Keyword Generator
  • People Also Ask
  • Pinterest

Using these free keyword research tools has really proved to be a game-changer for me.

I don’t suggest you use all of them. You can use either two or three in combination.

Some of them are used as web extensions on your browser and will provide you with data on your Google search results page.

Can it get easier than that?

No, it surely cannot.

Tell me in the comments which of the keyword research tool are you using and what you like about it?

Pin the following image to read later about the best keyword research tools.

Free keyword research tools

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