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Best Canva Font Pairings to Make Your Pinterest Pins Stand Out

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Are you struggling to find the best Canva font pairings for your Pinterest pins or graphics that you create for your audience? I know looking for beautiful and cute Canva fonts can be a daunting task.

But not anymore.

I have put together a whole bunch of the best Canva font pairings for you to choose as a blogger or business owner to create beautiful designs to market your content or products.

These Canva font combinations will help you overcome the creative block that we all experience at some time in our content marketing journey.

I have picked out some of the best Canva font pairings that will save you a lot of precious time that you may spend experimenting but still may not be happy with the results.

So, let’s dig in more.

How to Use Fonts in Canva

If you are new to Canva, you may be wondering how to use fonts in Canva.

You’ll find a big collection of fonts in Canva in both, free and pro versions. Some fonts are only available for the users of the pro version. But still, there is a long list of fonts to choose from in the free version of Canva as well.

To use these fonts, you first need to select the design you want to create. Once you have selected the design, you will see the text option on your left sidebar.

how to use fonts in canva

Then you can choose what type of text you want to add, a heading, subheading, or a body. You can also choose a simple text box.

how to use canva fonts

Once the type of text you want to add is selected you can choose the font of your choice from the menu at the top left.

how to use fonts in canva

From this menu at the top, you can also change the font size, color, style, space, add effects, animate, or change the position of your text.

canva fonts options

Where to Use Canva Fonts

If you are wondering where you can use Canva fonts as a blogger, coach, or business owner, let me give you a list. Canva fonts can be used in a variety of graphics and digital products like:

  • Ebook
  • Pdfs
  • Instagram posts
  • Facebook posts
  • Youtube thumbnail
  • Pinterest pins
  • Reels
  • Short Videos
  • Posters
  • Logo
  • Blog Banner
  • Flyer
  • Infographic
  • Brochure
  • Invitations
  • Presentations
  • Websites
  • Documents etc.

If something that you are looking for is missing from the list, you can design almost anything with custom measurements.

how to design on Canva

How to Add Text to Your Canva Design

To add text to your Canva design follow the following easy steps.

  • Go to Your Canva homepage.
  • Click on create a design.
  • From the drop-down menu select the type of design you want to create. You can even select the custom dimensions for your design.
  • After you have selected your design, your design will open, and you will be able to see a left sidebar with your design.
  • Click on the text and select whether you want to add a heading, subheading, or body text. You can also choose a text box.
  • Once you have selected the type of text you want to write, you can choose the font, font size, color, style, effects, and much more from the top menu.

I also have a tip for you. To add a text box to your design simply press T on the keyboard.

best canva font pairings

How to Upload Fonts in Canva

Although Canva has a huge library of fonts. Many of them are available in both free and pro versions, but some are only available in pro version.

But, if still you want to upload your fonts to Canva, you can do this with a few simple steps.

  • Once you have selected the type of design you want to create on the homepage.
  • Go to the left sidebar to select the text you want to add.
  • You can select the heading, subheading, body, or even a text box.
  • This will show you all the fonts that are available on Canva.
  • At the bottom of the font list, you will get the option to upload your font.
  • But remember You need to have a Canva Pro account to upload your fonts.

How to Choose the Best Canva Fonts for Pinterest Pins

Here are a few important tips for you to consider while selecting Canva font pairings for your Pinterest pins.

  • Choose the Canva fonts that are easy to read.
  • They should stand out.
  • Choose no more than 2 fonts for a Pinterest pin.
  • Your font combination should include one bold font and one thin font.
  • If you use a handwritten font, make sure it is easily readable.
  • You should adjust the font size such that it is easily readable even on a mobile screen.
  • Use a nice color combination for your fonts, that makes them show up nicely.
  • If the text you write appears condensed and closely packed, consider spacing out the letters to make them easily readable.
  • If your text is in more than one line, keep in mind the distance between the lines. You can easily increase or decrease the distance depending on the need.
  • It’s always best to use the sentence case for the main text overlay of your Pinterest pins. Avoid capitalizing each letter, other than the one or two main words that you want to be prominent from the rest of the text.

You can also read here how to design click-worthy Pinterest pin designs.

Download free Canva Pinterest pin templates here.


Best Free Canva Font Pairings for Pinterest

Here is a long list of the best free Canva font pairings for you to choose from, for your Pinterest pin designs.

Lovelo & DM Sans

This is one of the best font combinations available on Canva for free. It gives a very good contrast of bold and thin fonts.

canva font

League Spartan & Apricots

League Spartan and Apricots is one of my favorite font pairings to use. League Spartan is a modern and bold font while Apricot is a beautiful handwriting script. Together they make a beautiful combination, especially for Pinterest pins.

Blueberry & Caladea

Blueberry is a bold and elegant font and Caladea is a modern serif font. They make a perfect combination together.

Chunk Five & Crafty Girls

Next on the list is a beautiful font combination of Chunk Five and Crafty Girls. Chunk Five is a modern and ultra-bold font while Craft Girls is a thin font from the script font family. It gives a good handwritten look.

Genty Sans & Gotham

This is a combination of minimalistic sans-serif font and geometric sans-serif font. It is also a popular free Canva font combination.

Anton & Daydream

Then we have a beautiful Canva font pairing comprising Anton and Daydream fonts.

Anton is a traditional sans-serif typeface while Daydream is a cute script font.

fonts canva

Gill Sans Display & Gochi Hand

Gill Sans Display is a classic font with a sans-serif typeface and Gochi Hand is a handwriting script. This makes a beautiful combination of fonts for Pinterest pins.

Rubik One & Comic Sans

Rubik One is a bold font with rounded margins and Comic Sans is a beautiful causal and easily readable font. You can comfortably use this for text overlay on Pinterest pins.

Abril Fatface & Abstracted Dream

In this Canva font pairing Abril Fatface is a heavy and bold font while Abstracted Dream is a very cool font.

Cantata One & Catchy Mager

Cantata is a very good choice for large and medium-sized text. Catchy Mager is a serif font and gives an elegant look.

Fredoka & Feeling Passionate

Fredoka is a great choice for writing headlines and bold text. Feeling Passionate on the other hand gives a casual brush written appearance.

Lilita One & Podkova

Lilita One is a bold and display typeface best for headings and headlines. Podkova is a monoline slab serif and gives a characterful look to the small-sized text.

DM Serif Display & Forum

DM Serif Display is a good font for headlines with fine detailing. The Forum gives a classic look to the body text.  When used together these serve as a good free Canva font Pairing.

Hertical & Give You Glory

Hertical is a Display and Sans Serif font. It gives a clear and bold look to the Heading. Give You Glory is a fun font that gives an unconventional look to the text.

This combination of fonts is a nice choice for writing text on Pinterest pins.

Lovelo & Glacial Indifference

Both of these fonts are from the sans-serif family. Lovelo gives a bold look to the heading while Glacial Indifference can be perfectly used with it for other text.

Hussar Bold & Lato

The next on the list of free Canva font pairings is a combination of Husar Bold and Lato fonts. Husar Bold belongs to a family of Bold Italic and Lato is a sans serif typeface. Together they make a very nice combination.

Sergio Trendy & Antic

Sergio Trendy is a vintage type serif font. It is one of the best choices for the main text. Antic is a sans-serif font with a calligraphic touch.

Montaser Arabic & Arsenal

Montesar Arabic is a great option for the headings. It looks particularly well when used in combination with Arsenal.

Fredoka & Alike

Fredoka is a very prominent, bold, and round font while Alike font gives a thin and clean look to the text.

Bernoru & Signika

Bernoru gives a good classical and bold look to the text. It pairs very well with Signika which has a very gentle character.

Borsok & ABeeZee

Borsok can be used for headings as it is in all caps and bold font. Abeezee on the other hand is a soft and simple font. The combination of these two fonts is also a good one.

Alfa Slab One & Touvlo

Alfa slab one is heavyweight and easily readable. It can be paired with Touvlo. This Canva font pairing is a good choice for bloggers and creative business owners.

Cartar One & Garet

The next font combination on the list is Cartar One and Garet.

Limelight & Nourd

Another beautiful free Canva font pairing is between Limelight and Nourd. They complement each other very well.

Dynamo Condensed & Balgin Condensed

The combination of Dynamo Condensed and Balgin Condensed is also a good choice as they incorporate a heavy and thin style to the text.

Hammersmith One & PT Sans

Pinterest pin text overlay looks attractive when written with a combination of Hammersmith One and PT Sans.

Lexend Exa & Hind Guntur

Lexend Exa gives a clean look to the headings as it has spaced characters. Hind Guntur belongs to the family of Telugu fonts. Together they make text look clean and easy to read.

Archivo Black & Archivo Narrow

Archivo Black is a grotesque sans serif. It is a bold and heavyweight. On the other hand, Archivo Narrow is a soft and thin-looking font. This font combination looks nice.

Chewy & B612

Chewy is a bold and fancy font while B612 is a relatively thin font. They complement each other well so can be used in combination.

Bevan & Rosario

Bevan is a traditional slab serif font and Rosario is a sans serif font. They make a perfect pair of fonts for Pinterest pin text overlays.

Paytone One & Architects Daughter

Paytone One is a very good font for headings and main text. In combination with this, the font I like to use is Architects Daughter.

Ramabhadra & Blinker

Another good font combination is Ramabhadra and Blinker.

Candal & Rugrats Sans

Candal is a clear and bold font, it can be paired with Rugrats Sans.

INTRO & Roboto Mono

For easily readable and stand-out headings INTRO can be used. Along with this Roboto Mono is a good choice for other texts.

Waffle Soft & Bauer Bodoni

Waffle Soft is a beautiful font from the sans-serif family. It combines well with Bauer Bodoni.

Mediapro Heavy Condense & Balgin Condensed

Another eye-catching font pairing is Mediapro Heavy Condense and Balgin Condensed.

Arbutus Slab & Manjari

Arbutus Slab is a slab serif typeface and a good fit for writing headings. This font can be used with Manjari font to maintain a balance between heavy and thin-looking font.

Passion One & Nixie One

Passion One is another slab serif font and it gives a very bold and striking look to the headings. You can pair it with Nixie One which is a fancy font.

Poetsen & Bellota

Poetsen is a display font that gives a bold look to the text. Bellota is a cute and fancy font to use.

Suez One & Text Me One

Suez One with Text Me One makes a nice combination of fonts.

Baloo Thambi & Fry’s Baskerville

Another beautiful font combination that can be used for free is Baloo Thambi and Fry’s Baskerville.

Coiny & Open Sans

Coiny is a fancy and bold font, when used with Open Sans it gives a very striking look to the text overlay.

Rozha One & Hero

When Rozha One and Hero fonts are used in combination they give a good contrasting look to the text. They are one of the most beautiful free Canva font pairings.

Centora One & Livvic

The next font combination that looks appealing is Centora One and Livvic.

Ouhod & Montserrat

You should try Ouhod and Montserrat fonts for your next design.

XB Titre & Scope One

XB Titre is an Arabic font, it goes well with Scope One.

Palanquin Dark & Muli

Palanquin Dark is a well-designed font for headings. It can be paired with Mulli for a better contrasting look.

Montaser Arabic & Koho

Montesar Arabic is a sans serif typeface and Koho gives a geometrical look to the text. They make a good Canva font pair.

Frencois One & Cabin

The next Canva font pair on my list is Frencois One and Cabin fonts.

Arbutus Slab & Slabo

Another nice font combination is Arbutus Slab and Slabo for Pinterest pins.

Ramabhadra & Inter

Ramabhadra and Inter is also a mention-worthy free Canva font pair.

Wrapping Up

Canva is a very simple online graphic designing software. It can be used by anyone to create any type of graphic design. It is very easy to use for bloggers and business owners to create different types of graphics and digital products for their businesses. It has a lot of premade designs to choose from in both, free and pro versions. But if you intend to create a design from scratch, the entire process is going to be straightforward. It can not only be used on desktops to create designs but also on mobile devices using its mobile app.

While creating designs on Pinterest, font selection can be difficult and time-consuming. To help you save precious time, I created a list of the best Canva font pairings. These Canva font combinations can not only save you a lot of time but also make your designs especially Pinterest pins stand out.

You can use these font pairings or be creative and experiment with some more combinations. While choosing fonts keep in mind that they should be easy to read and comprehend. Font size and color should also be focused on.

The right font combination with good font size, contrasting color, and properly spaced characters will make your designs stand out and will invite your audience to interact.

Let me know in the comments which is your favorite Canva font pairing?

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best canva font pairings

To learn more about Canva font pairings read Canva’s guide here.

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