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How to Grow Email List with Pinterest- A Beginner’s Guide

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Do You want to grow email list with Pinterest? Who doesn’t, right?

This is a complete step-by-step guide that will help you start building your email list and grow it over time.

Before going into the details let me first address some common queries that most people have.

Why is an Email list Important for Bloggers and Business Owners?

An email list is essential for all bloggers and business owners. It provides a direct way to communicate and connect with subscribers.o

Connecting with email subscribers provides a great way to engage and build relationships.

Building an email list provides direct control and ownership of your audience. It is a cost-effective way to market your content and products.

Email Marketing is also a great way of bringing in sales and increasing revenue.

how to grow an email list with pinterest

Why Use Pinterest to Grow an Email List?

Now let’s see why you should grow an email list with Pinterest.

Pinterest is a powerful search engine. A Pinterest user uses this platform with an intention in mind. Pinterest audiences are highly engaged and show great affinity toward visually appealing content.

Content on Pinterest stays forever on the platform and once ranked, keeps on driving traffic. This makes Pinterest a great way of driving traffic to your opt-in page and getting them to sign up for your email list.

Can Pinterest be Used for Marketing?

Yes, Pinterest is a great way to market your content or products. If your content or products are visually appealing, you must use Pinterest for marketing.

To get good results with Pinterest marketing, your niche should be a popular one on Pinterest and you should have an effective marketing strategy in place.

Pinterest analytics

Here you can find popular Pinterest niches.

Also read, tips to improve your Pinterest marketing strategy.

How to Use Pinterest for Email Marketing?

Pinterest is not only good for content or product marketing. It is also great for email marketing.

Pinterest is important to promote and drive traffic to sign-up forms, landing pages, or email newsletter sign-ups on your blog or website.

Building your email subscriber list will help you in many different ways. It specifically helps to bring more eyeballs to your new content, asking them to follow you on other social media platforms, and marketing your new products or campaigns to them.

Tips to Grow Email List with Pinterest as a Beginner

Here are practical tips to grow email list with Pinterest.

Pinterest Niche

First of all, you should be very clear what is your Pinterest niche and what is your ideal audience/customer avatar.

Once this is sorted, other things become quite easy.

Create a Pinterest Business Account

If you don’t have a Pinterest account, you must create one. It is best to create a Pinterest business account because it has a lot of helpful features. The best one is the availability of analytics to track the performance of the account and content.

Claim Your Website

Having a Pinterest business account helps you claim your website on Pinterest. Claiming your website helps to maximize Pinterest’s potential and increases the credibility of your account.

It helps with better online visibility and website traffic analysis.

Optimize Your Pinterest Account

The next on the list is to optimize your Pinterest account. It is one of the most important steps.

You need to optimize your Pinterest account with relevant and related Pinterest keywords.

Once you have searched the Pinterest keywords, the next thing is to place them in the right places on your account.

You should use these keywords in your username, bio, Pinterest boards, board descriptions, Pin titles, and Pin descriptions.

This may seem overwhelming at the beginning but it’s not. You can use this free Pinterest SEO checklist to make it easy for you and to make sure you don’t miss any important steps.

Free Pinterest SEO checklist

Sign up for an Email Marketing and Subscription Platform

Then you should sign up for an email marketing service. Emailmarketing services are usually paid services but the good thing is that many of them offer free plans for the first 1000 or so subscribers and then if you want to continue with their services, you can purchase their paid subscription.

One of the email marketing platforms, and my favorite is Convert Kit. It offers a free version until 1000 subscribers and later you need to convert to paid version if you want to continue with their services.

This is a good option for new bloggers and business owners, as they don’t have to invest in email marketing services from the very beginning.

Create an Email Signup Form on Your Website

The next thing you need to do is to create an email signup form on your blog or website.

It is easy to do it. You can watch this video to create one for your website using Convert Kit.

Use Pinterest to Make People Sign-up for Your Email Newsletter

Once you have created a sign-up form for your website, the next step is to drive traffic to it.

You can use Pinterest to drive traffic to your website and encourage visitors to sign up.

Create a Lead Magnet

Another great way to collect email addresses from your target audiences is to create a lead magnet. A lead magnet is an opt-in offer in exchange for an email address.

Before creating a lead magnet, do some research to find out what kind of lead magnet should you create, that will be related to your niche and will be helpful for your audience.

You can follow the simple steps mentioned in this video to create a lead magnet to grow your email list. And then you can promote your lead magnet with Pinterest.

Create a Landing Page to Promote your Lead Magnet

Once you have created your lead magnet, the next step is to make a landing page for it. This helps with a strategic approach in digital marketing to attract, engage, and convert visitors into leads.

Building a landing page helps to keep the audience focused on one offer. It also helps with brand building and consistent messaging.

Creating a landing page to promote your offer has proven to show better conversion rates.

Embed Your Freebie Offer in Your Blog Posts

Another great way to promote your freebie or lead magnet is to promote it in your blog posts.

A good tip for you is to only offer your freebie in blog posts where it is relevant. Only then you will be able to see a good conversion.

Create Pins to Drive Traffic to Your Blog or Landing Page

Once you have a landing page or a blog post that is promoting your lead magnet then you should focus on creating eye-catching Pinterest pins.

This will intrigue pinners to click through to your landing page or blog post with a freebie offer.

Here, you can download free Pinterest pin templates to save your time.

free pinterest pin templates

Add an Intriguing Call to Action

If you want to see a good number of outbound clicks on your pins leading to your landing page, make sure to add an engaging call to action to your pin description.

You can also include calls to action in your text overlays and pin titles.

Promote Your Freebie in Your Pinterest bio or Pinterest Cover Photo

No doubt Pinterest pins will be the main traffic generator to your freebies resulting in signups. But there are other places as well where you can promote your freebie offers.

These include your Pinterest bio and Pinterest Cover photo. These two are a great way to create awareness regarding your freebie.

Send Email Newsletter to Your Email List

One of the common mistakes that I have seen bloggers and business owners make is not sending emails and connecting with their audiences.

Sending emails may seem overwhelming at the beginning because as a one-person army, you have to focus on all other blog and business-related things.

But building a close relationship and trust is very important for your success. Sending emails is one of the best ways to do so.

To begin with, you can send two emails a month. But once you have more content, news, and offers to share, you should try to email once a week.

Analyze Your Results

You cannot improve and grow if you don’t monitor and analyze your results.

Pinterest analytics is a great feature of a Pinterest business account to do so. You can use Pinterest analytics to see which of your pin designs and freebie offers are performing better than others.

Once figured out, create more pins directing to that freebie so that you can grow your email list with Pinterest.

Other Important and Relevant Things to Do to Grow Email List with Pinterest

Here are some other important things that you should not forget to do, as they will affect the visibility of your content on Pinterest.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is a very basic and important step. You should look for relevant and related keywords on Pinterest that will help you optimize your account and content.

There are quite a few ways to search Pinterest keywords, that you can learn here in detail.

Add Relevant Keywords in Pin Title & Description

Once you have researched the keywords, the next thing is to properly use them.

Apart from bio, Pinterest board titles, and board descriptions, you should include relevant keywords in your pin titles and descriptions.

This increases the visibility and reach of your content to the targeted audience.

Add Pin to Relevant and Optimized Pinterest Boards

When you are pinning, make sure to add your pin to the most relevant Pinterest board.

This is a very important step in Pinterest SEO. This helps the Pinterest algorithm to properly categorize your content and show it to the right audience.

Schedule Your Pins

The next important point that I want to mention is not an obligation but is very useful.

It’s very helpful to schedule your pins. This helps you stay consistent on this platform and as you know consistency is the key to success.

The best way I find to stay consistent is scheduling pins. To schedule you can use third-party software like Tailwind, but I use Pinterest’s inbuilt scheduler. It is a great way to schedule pins right inside the platform and is very simple to use.

Wrapping Up – Grow Email list with Pinterest

It is great to grow an email list with Pinterest. However, you should keep in mind that growing an email list is a slow and time-consuming process.

It will be slowest at the beginning but with consistent efforts and implementing better strategies, it will become better.

Pinterest is a great way to speed up the process of growing an email list. This is because Pinterest is a discovery platform and pinners use this platform to learn, find inspiration or buy.

So, if you use this platform correctly you will be able to attract a target audience to your blog, website, or landing page where they will be able to sign up for your email list.

To get email addresses from your target audience you should create a freebie or opt-in that is helpful for them.

To promote your freebie offer you should create a Pinterest business account, optimize it, create attractive pin graphics, and add a clear call to action.

Always remember, that keeping a close connection and engagement with your email list is very important to build trust. This will nourish your blog or business and it to grow.

If you have queries let me know in the comment section.

If you found this post helpful, don’t forget to pin it and share it with your friends.

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