How to Design a Perfect Pinterest Pin Really Quick

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Do you know in 2023 Pinterest requires you to create new and fresh content to reach wider audiences? In order to generate fresh content each and every day, do you find it difficult to design a perfect Pinterest pin?

But let me be the bearer of good news! Creating pins can actually be quick and fun when you have the right tips to design scroll-stopping pins.

Let’s now dive in and see what the right method is to create high-quality, unique, and click-worthy Pinterest pins.

Anatomy of a Perfect Pinterest Pin:

Are you ready to create a perfect pin that will stop the scroll? A Pinterest pin is your first chance to encourage a Pinterest user to click on your pin. If your pin is visually attractive it has a much higher chance of getting saves and generating outbound clicks. This in turn means tons and tons of traffic to your website.

With this important information in mind let’s begin to learn how to design a perfect Pinterest pin.

The following are the most important considerations for creating a visually attractive pin.

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perfect Pinterest pin design

Vertical Orientation

The Pinterest pins should be vertically oriented. The aspect ratio of Pinterest pins should be 2:3. The recommended size of Pinterest pins is 1000 x 1500 pixels; however, you can also create 1200 x 1800 pixels images.

High Resolution & Relevant Image

Always keep in mind to use high-quality and high-resolution images. While selecting the image make sure it is purposeful and relevant to your content.

Adding an image of a laptop to a pin related to yoga tips will not serve the purpose. Agree?

Text Overlay

Text overlay is an essential component of a visually attractive pin design. It is the text that is added to the top of a pin image.

Adding a compelling and informative text overlay to your pin assists your image in creating an overall impact on the Pinterest user to either stop the scroll or continue with it.

Properly written text overlay helps to grab the user’s attention and conveys information about the content of the pin.

Clear & Easy to Read Fonts

Most Pinterest users use Pinterest on mobile devices. So, while writing a text on your pin image always choose easy-to-read fonts in an average size. Another thing that needs to be considered is to optimize the font size such that it is easily readable by a mobile user.

Contrast Between Text and Background

Adding text overlay in a readable font will be only effective if there is adequate contrast between the text and the background. Having a good contrast will help the users to read easily and comfortably.


The next important thing is to add your logo or your website name to the pin image.

This will add an element of uniqueness to your pin and will help you create your brand awareness.

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What Types of Pinterest Pins can be Created:

If you want to create a perfect Pinterest pin then you should be knowing what are the types of pins that you can design. There are three main types of pins that can be created on Pinterest. i.e.

  • Static Pins
  • Carousel Pins
  • Video Pins

Static pins are simple image pins. They are also called standard Pinterest pins.

Carousel pins are created by uploading more than 1 pins. You can add a total of 2 to 5 images to a carousel pin.

Video pins are in mp4 format and should be at least 4 sec long. The duration of Pinterest video pins can be 4 seconds to 15 minutes.

A couple of years back Pinterest introduced idea pins and pushed them like crazy. Idea pins were getting a lot of views, and this is what tempted almost all Pinterest creators to focus on idea pins and create tons of them. I have seen many accounts that only posted idea pins and their reach was really increasing.

Initially, creators were not allowed to add a link to idea pins but in January 2023 Pinterest introduced an option to add a link, which was a great initiative.

But in May 2023, Pinterest came up with another update, and we were told that idea pins are going away. Since then, Pinterest has started taking off the option to create idea pins from Pinterest accounts. Few accounts still have this option but according to Pinterest, it will be gone from all accounts.

All the idea pins that were previously created are now categorized as video pins.

Should Pinterest Pins be JPG or PNG?

However, both JPG and PNG formats can be uploaded. But Pinterest recommends a high-quality JPG format with a size of under 20 MB.

What is the Recommended Pinterest Video Format?

Pinterest recommends mp4 video files with a size under 2GB to be uploaded.

Which is the Best Platform to Create Pinterest Pins?

If you are searching for a platform to design your perfect Pinterest pin then let me help you with this. Pinterest pins can be created on multiple platforms like Canva, Adobe Spark, Over, PicMonkey, and Tailwind.

But my favorite is Canva. I always use Canva to create my Pinterest pins. It is easy to use and has a lot of options to customize the designs as per need. There are also a lot of free templates available on Canva that can be used as well.

Pinterest’s Best Pin Practices and Recommendations

Pinterest has recommended some best practices for creating and posting pins on their platform to ensure quality and boost engagement. You can review these recommendations in the chart given below by Pinterest.

best Pinterest practices

How to Create Multiple Pins in a Few Minutes:

As a blogger or a business owner, there are so many tasks that require undivided attention. In such a situation creating and posting multiple Pinterest pins a day can be really overwhelming.

But let me tell you how this can be done easily. You can use and customize Pinterest pin templates to create multiple different pins. Pinterest pin templates can be fully customized by changing text, fonts, color, and images.

You can also save time and create absolutely stunning Pinterest pins by keeping in mind the important tips that I mentioned above.

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    What Elements Make a Great and Successful Pinterest Pin?

    There are a few crucial elements that make a Pinterest pin look visually appealing and gain a lot of attraction. These are:

    • Right size and format
    • High-resolution and relevant image
    • Proper text overlay

    What Pins Do Well on Pinterest?

    While creating pins it is important to know what kind of content does well on Pinterest. Until early 2023, idea pins were stealing the show. But now Standard Pinterest vertical pins and video pins are doing well on Pinterest.

    What are Some Don’ts When Creating a perfect Pinterest Pin?

    We have been talking all about the things that should be done and considered while creating a pin. But there are a few don’ts as well that should be avoided.  These include:

    • Square orientation
    • Low-resolution, blurry, and irrelevant images
    • Poor font and small size
    • Poor contrast between the text and background

    These points should be avoided in order to create a perfect Pinterest pin that can gain a lot of engagement.

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    Conclusion – How to Design a Perfect Pinterest Pin

    If you are a blogger, business owner, or creative service provider, Pinterest is the best platform for you to create brand awareness and generate leads.

    Pinterest is a visual search engine that uses pins to generate leads and drive traffic to websites. This makes it very crucial to create tasteful and scroll-stopping Pinterest pins.

    To create a perfect Pinterest pin, you should keep in mind to use vertical orientation, high-quality image, proper selection of font, its size and good contrast with the background. As a matter of good practice, you should add your logo or your website address to your pin. Also, try to use different images for your pin designs to maintain the uniqueness of the pin.

    While advocating “Do’s “of creating a perfect Pinterest pin, I would also like to mention here what are the Don’ts that should be kept in mind while designing a pin.

    Avoid using a square orientation, blurry image, and small font with poor contrast with the background.

    If you found this post about designing a perfect Pinterest pin useful then consider sharing it with your friends and don’t forget to read the relevant frequently asked questions given below.

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    Perfect Pinterest pin


    Which pin orientation is most effective on Pinterest?

    Vertical pins with 2:3 are most effective on Pinterest.

    How many pins should I create?

    You should be creating about 1-10 pins a day to provide Pinterest with fresh content. Click here to read in more detail.

    How do you make a good pin design?

    A good pin design is made by using a high-quality Pinterest image in a vertical orientation, compelling text overlay, and adding your branding to it.

    Is it hard to make pins?

    No, creating pins is so much fun and easy. You just need to keep important points in mind that have already been mentioned above.

    What makes a pin go viral?

    There are various factors that help a pin go viral and gain a lot of traction. Important factors include proper pin SEO and optimal posting time. To read in detail how to make a pin go viral, click here.

    Should you put a logo on Pinterest pins?

    Yes, banding is very important to create the uniqueness of the pin. So, always add your logo or the name of your website to your pin design.

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