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How to do Pinterest Keyword Research: A Complete Guide

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Having a solid strategy for Pinterest keyword research helps you optimize your Pinterest account and content in such a way that it shows up in search results on Pinterest.

Pinterest keyword research and its proper use in Pinterest SEO is beneficial in many ways that are:

Now that we know why keyword research is crucial on Pinterest, we’ll look into what methods can be opted for this.

There are three main ways to find Pinterest keywords.

1. Pinterest inbuilt tools

2. Free Pinterest keyword research tools

3. Paid Pinterest keyword research tools

In this blog post, we will be discussing and analyzing all of these methods in detail. This will help you decide which one is better for you and your content to rank on Pinterest.

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Before diving in deep, let’s have a look and find answers to commonly asked questions related to Pinterest Keyword Research.

pinterest keyword research

What is Keyword Targeting on Pinterest?

Pinterest keyword targeting helps you show up in search results when a Pinterest user searches for a specific query.

What is the Benefit of Keyword Research on Pinterest?

Spending some time and doing thorough Pinterest keyword research will help you to reach more of the targeted audience who are interested and looking for that particular topic.

Finding and using relevant keywords in Pinterest SEO helps Pinterest to learn what is your content about and whom to show. This is the way you can use the Pinterest algorithm to show your content to your targeted and interested audience. This will eventually help you to increase your blog traffic and revenue.

Pinterest keywords help to create a solid Pinterest Marketing Strategy to drive continuous traffic to your website.

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Pinterest Keyword Research

Now we will look into different Pinterest keyword research methods in detail.

Pinterest Inbuilt Keyword Research Tools:

First, we will learn about inbuilt keyword research tools on Pinterest.

To search profitable topics and popular keywords you can use seven main methods on Pinterest.

1. Pinterest Autosuggest:

The first method is Pinterest’s autosuggest. Use Pinterest’s search bar and utilize the Pinterest autosuggest feature to discover popular topics and search terms people are using on Pinterest relevant to your niche.

pinterest auto suggestions

2. Pinterest Suggested topics:

Under the search bar, Pinterest provides some suggested topics in the form of colored bubbles. Use of these topics along with your keyword helps you expand your keyword bank. This also helps to generate long and more specific keywords.

pinterest suggested topics

3. Related searches:

Another useful feature of Pinterest is related searches. Once you search for something on Pinterest, Pinterest shows a list of related searches in the feed. This helps you explore more topics in your niche and find new keywords that Pinterest users are searching.

related searched on Pinterest

4. Pinterest Trends:

Another really beneficial way to find profitable keywords is to use Pinterest trends. To use this feature, you need to click Analytics at the top left of the page, and then select Trends.

Write a keyword in the Trends search bar. This will show you the trend of your keyword and will also suggest top trends.

pinterest trends

It also helps you compare trends for four keywords at the same time, which is really useful.

pinterest trends to compare four trends

Pinterest trends also show related trends, demographics for each trend, and popular pins for your keywords.

pinterest trends with demographics

5. Pinterest Ads Keyword Tool:

This is an inbuilt tool in Pinterest to find targeted keywords for your ad campaigns. But you can use it to find keywords along with their search volume without running ads.

To use this tool, you need to click on ads and click on Create a Campaign. Then click on the manual campaign and get started.

Choose an objective for your campaign, and then scroll down and click on continue.

This will take you to the next step where you will need to select targeting details.

The next step is to click on interests and keywords and then click on add keywords.

Enter the keyword according to your niche and then Pinterest will show you relevant and most searched keywords with the number of their monthly searches.

This is a very useful method to find keywords for Pinterest and is used by many bloggers and businesses on Pinterest.

pinterest keywords ads tool
pinterest ads keyword tool

6. Pinterest Predicts:

As a matter of fact, Pinterest audiences use Pinterest to plan in advance and get inspiration. This helps Pinterest to predict what will be trending and performing well in the future.

Based on this Pinterest generates a report called Pinterest Predicts.

In the last three years, about 80% of Pinterest predictions came true. This shows how effectively you can use this feature to find keywords and topics to plan your content to reach more audiences.

7. Pinterest Topic Sitemap:

You can also use the Pinterest topic sitemap to look for hot topics on Pinterest. To use Pinterest topic sitemap, click here.

pinterest topic sitemap

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    Free Pinterest Keyword Research Tool

    As Pinterest marketing is getting more popular, we have seen most bloggers and businesses using Pinterest to market their content and products. This has led to the creation and availability of third-party free Pinterest keyword research tools.

    Here we will be discussing them.

    1. ToolXoX:

    This is a free Pinterest keyword research tool.

    To use this tool, enter your keyword in the search bar and click analyze. In a matter of a few seconds, it will show relevant Pinterest Keywords.

    You can use ToolXoX here.

    tool xox

    2. Keyword Tool:

    This is another free tool available for Pinterest keyword research. It helps to find keywords using the Pinterest autocomplete feature.

    To use this tool, you need you need to enter your main keyword in the search bar. You can also select the required language from the options.

    This tool will provide you with relevant Pinterest keywords. In the free version search volume will be hidden. You can buy the pro version to use all of its features like total volume, average trend, average CPC, and average competition. But I don’t recommend opting for the pro version.

    The information provided by the free version is just enough for you. Try Keyword Tool here.

    pinterest keyword tool

    Paid method for Pinterest Keyword Research

    Now let’s look into the popular paid Keyword research tools for Pinterest.

    1. Pin Inspector:

    It is a powerful tool that provides information about top trending searches and top converting content.

    It works with 6 data extraction tools.

    • Keyword generator
    • Trends generator
    • Pins analyzer
    • Boards analyzer
    • Pinner analyzer
    • Browse & scrape tool

    Pin Inspector quickly generates hundreds of popular keywords with search volume, CPC, and competition data. It also provides 47 data columns for every static or video pin like pin title, number of saves, number of repins, number of comments, and many more details.

    It is compatible with Mac OS and Windows.

    pinterest keyword research

    You can watch this video by Anastasia to see how to use Pin Inspector.

    You can register for Pin Inspector here.

    2. Keysearch:

    It has a free trial for a month. Later you need to opt for a starter or pro version. It helps you find relevant Pinterest keywords. To use this tool, you need to add a keyword in the search bar and click search.

    This tool will show you relevant keyword suggestions using Pinterest’s auto-suggest feature.

    It helps you find the most searched keywords and also the most pinned topics related to your main keyword.

    I have noticed that these days Keysearch is not accepting new registrations for the free version. But maybe in some time, they will again start free registration.

    Use Keysearch here.


    3. Pindodo:

    It is a Pinterest keyword research web browser extension. It is a paid tool but offers a free trial for a week.

    It is designed for content creators and business owners to find relevant keywords and improve Pinterest SEO to drive more traffic and sales.

    Pindodo extension shows related keywords on Pinterest with estimated keyword difficulty.

    pindodo pinterest keyword research

    Where to use Pinterest Keywords

    • Pinterest keywords are used to optimize Pinterest profiles. Use them in your name and bio.
    • They are used to optimize Pinterest board names and descriptions.
    • Keywords are used as text overlays on Pinterest pins, renaming pins before uploading on Pinterest, pin titles, and descriptions. But avoid keyword stuffing. Use keywords naturally in the text.

    For more detailed learning about Pinterest SEO click here.

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      Pinterest keywords are vital for Pinterest’s growth and driving traffic to a website.

      There are a variety of ways to search for keywords. Some of them are inbuilt free methods on Pinterest and others are third-party free and paid tools. Any one or combination of these can be used for better results.

      Pinterest keywords are used for the optimization of Pinterest profiles, boards, and pins. Their proper use enables Pinterest’s algorithm to recognize what is your profile and content about and whom to show this. This way your content starts ranking for keywords and appears in search results.

      Keywords help your content to reach targeted audiences which is very important for brand awareness and growth of a blog or business.

      Let me know in the comments which of the keyword research method do you use, and which one is your favorite?

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      pinterest keyword research

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