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14 Common Pinterest Mistakes You Need to Stop Right Now to Grow

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Have you been on Pinterest for some time but unable to see the desired growth? One of the main reasons may be that you are making some common and crucial Pinterest mistakes that are adversely affecting your Pinterest account.

If you are not sure what mistakes you may be making and how to avoid them to grow on Pinterest, then you are at the right place. Here you will get to know what small, yet important Pinterest mistakes are commonly made by Pinterest users, that play a big role in their failure on this platform.

Many bloggers, business owners, and service providers use Pinterest to establish a good online presence. This helps them drive a ton of traffic to their blog as a blogger, make sales as a business owner, and get clients as a service provider.

They chose Pinterest marketing because they know the power of Pinterest. Pinterest is not a typical social media platform it is a visual search engine. Many Pinterest users use this platform for inspiration, ideas, and planning.  

Keeping this in mind bloggers and business owners curate creative and visually appealing content to attract their target audience and grow on Pinterest and as a result drive traffic and sales.

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But still, it’s not uncommon to see many aspiring bloggers and business owners make some common Pinterest mistakes. Here we will see what these common mistakes are and how can they be avoided to see the desired growth on Pinterest.

common Pinterest mistakes

Common Pinterest Mistakes to Avoid

Here are important and common Pinterest mistakes that you need to avoid as a blogger and a business owner.

Not Using Pinterest Business Account

The first on the list of common Pinterest mistakes is not using a business account. If you are serious about growing on Pinterest and intend to drive traffic and sales from Pinterest, you must have a Pinterest business account.

The Pinterest business account is free and offers many useful features such as analytics, ads, and an option to claim your website or Shopify store.

If you want to drive traffic to your website or to get sales convert your personal Pinterest account into a business account or create a new business account. I highly recommend the latter. This will save you time and energy to declutter and organize your Pinterest account.

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Failure to Optimize Pinterest Profile

The most common mistake is that many Pinterest users fail to optimize their Pinterest profiles properly. They don’t add a profile picture, write a compelling Pinterest bio, and fail to claim a website or a Shopify store.

If a Pinterest profile is not well-optimized, it won’t show up in the search results. And if someone visits their profile, they will fail to create a strong first impression. This will impact Pinterest’s growth as no followers will be attracted.

So, it is very essential to properly optimize your Pinterest profile.

You can read here how to properly optimize your Pinterest profile.

You can download this free Pinterest SEO checklist to help optimize your Pinterest account to rank high in Pinterest searches.

Free Pinterest SEO checklist

Not Using Pinterest Keyword

The second mistake that Pinterest users make is not to do proper Pinterest keyword research. Failing to perform good and thorough keyword research results in losing a chance of ranking for relevant keywords, thus not appearing in search results.

As previously said Pinterest is a visual search engine, which means proper keyword research and suitable use of keywords is essential to rank for Pinterest search results. The right use of relevant keywords is crucial to creating discoverable content. Relevant Pinterest keywords should be added to the Pinterest name, bio, Pinterest pin text overlay, pin titles, and pin descriptions.

Another important thing to keep in mind is not to stuff keywords. Instead, keywords should be used naturally in sentences.

Learn here how to perform Pinterest keyword research.

Poor Pinterest Pin Optimization

The next mistake on the list is not properly optimizing Pinterest pins. This is again a big mistake. Pinterest is a visual platform so the bloggers and business owners that use this platform to attract the target audience should create aesthetically pleasing and click-worthy Pinterest pins.

However, many bloggers and business owners are seen neglecting this important factor and creating low-quality pins with the wrong dimensions. This adversely affects their visibility on Pinterest.

If you want to increase your reach on Pinterest you should create high-quality, aesthetically pleasing Pinterest pins with proper dimensions.

You can read here in detail how to design perfect Pinterest pins quickly.

You can download free Pinterest pin templates here, which can be easily customized according to your brand and used on Pinterest.


You can also check aesthetically designed Pinterest pin templates in the Pinterest shop.

Not Creating Enough Fresh Content

Some years back you would be seeing a lot of repetitive content and repins on Pinterest. But lately, Pinterest has been telling its users that this platform now favors fresh content.

This means if you want to grow on Pinterest, you should create fresh content for Pinterest consistently.

Failing to create fresh pins will significantly limit your reach and growth on Pinterest. If you have been blogging for a while you would have a sufficient amount of content that can be used to create new content for Pinterest. But if you are a new blogger and have less content on your blog then to make a lot of fresh content you should create multiple pins of different styles linking back to your blog posts.

But keep in mind that you should keep a gap of at least 7 days between posting the same URL.

You can download free Pinterest pin templates here and create fresh content for your Pinterest account.

Writing Bad Pin Titles

Another commonly seen mistake is writing irrelevant and bad Pinterest pin titles with no keywords.

Pin titles are like headlines. They should be short and crisp. They should tell the audience what the pin is about.

If pin titles are well written and include keywords, they enhance the chances of Pinterest pins ranking high. They should be intriguing enough to encourage Pinterest users to click on the pin.

Read here, how to write perfect pin titles.

Poor Pin Descriptions

Pinterest pin descriptions are one of the most neglected parts of Pinterest’s marketing strategy by many bloggers and business owners. Pinterest descriptions should be written in a conversational tone to engage the audience. It should be concise and should inform the audience what the pin is about and what kind of content is this pin referring to.

But many times, bloggers don’t write the pin description at all, write a few incomplete sentences that make no sense, or stuff it with keywords. Any of these approaches is harmful for the growth of the Pinterest account. Instead, pin descriptions should be comprehensive enough to engage and inform the Pinterest audience.

Read here, how to write engaging Pinterest pin descriptions.

Not Adding Proper Calls to Actions

Very often Pinterest users forget to add a compelling call-to-action to their Pinterest pin description, which results in fewer outbound clicks.

Adding a good call-to-action is very important to guide the audience on what you want them to do. This is because audiences are more likely to perform the act that they are told to do. A call-to-action can be directing the audience to download a file, sign up for email, read a blog post, or make a purchase. 

If you want to know how to write an intriguing call to action and want to see a list of compelling calls to action, read here.

You can also read, how to increase outbound clicks on Pinterest.

Use of Hashtags

The use of hashtags was very popular a few years back on Pinterest. But now adding hashtags is not at all beneficial. Adding a lot of hashtags can be considered spam and get your account flagged. This is why the use of hashtags should be avoided.

Not Adding links to the Pins

Another commonly witnessed Pinterest mistake is not adding links to the Pinterest pins. If the correct link is not added to the pin, the audience will not be able to click through and go to your website, product, or landing page. Thus, you will not be able to take advantage of your Pinterest traffic.

Adding links is very crucial to redirect the Pinterest audience to the intended URL.

Poorly Organized Boards

Having poorly organized Pinterest boards also halts Pinterest’s growth. When a person visits your profile and finds irrelevant Pinterest boards or incomplete board descriptions, it leaves a very bad impression, and is very less likely for that person to follow you or to revisit your profile. The same is the case when you save irrelevant pins to your boards. This makes it very difficult for the audience to find specific content on your Pinterest account.

If you want your boards to rank for the keywords and want to convert profile visitors into followers you should write proper Pinterest pin descriptions focusing on the keywords.

If you want to learn in detail how to write board descriptions that convert, then read here.

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Not Engaging with the Audience and Community

A bad habit that affects your Pinterest account adversely is not engaging with your audience and community. You should reply and reciprocate every engagement that you get on your profile. This builds a good relationship between you and your audience. It also gives a positive signal to the Pinterest algorithm regarding engagement with your content. Detecting more engagement on your profile, Pinterest distributes your content to wider audiences.

Inconsistent Pinning Strategy

Inconsistent pinning frequency causes a lot of harm to your Pinterest account. The Pinterest algorithm favors those accounts that are consistently pinning new content. Consistent pinning high quality pins is vital for continuous growth on Pinterest.

When Pinterest detects continuous activity on your profile, they will push your pins to more and more audiences, which means more eyeballs and engagement on your content.

Another important thing about the pinning strategy is to pin at times when the majority of your audience is active. You can decide pin timings according to the time zone where your target audience lives.

It does not matter much how many pins you pin a day until you are doing that consistently.

If you want to find out the magic number of pins to pin a day to grow on Pinterest read here.

Not Analyzing Pinterest Analytics

Do you analyze your Pinterest analytics and see what type of content is performing well?

If you are not analyzing your Pinterest analytics and not observing which type of content is performing well then you are making a major mistake.

Pinterest analytics provide a very comprehensive analysis regarding impressions, saves, outbound clicks, etc. It also shows which pins and Pinterest boards are getting the most impressions.

This way you can plan your future content and pin more content similar to what is performing better and getting more engagement.

Wrapping Up- Common Pinterest Mistakes

Pinterest is a great platform to grow a social media presence to drive traffic to a blog or to get sales. Pinterest provides a very interactive and helpful interface and features to help bloggers and businesses grow.

To take full advantage of Pinterest certain common Pinterest mistakes should be avoided. Some of them are not using a business account, not optimizing a Pinterest profile, using wrong pin dimensions, not pinning consistently, and not writing engaging pin titles and descriptions.

These common Pinterest mistakes should be avoided to multiply your Pinterest growth and engagement.

Let me know in the comments which of these common Pinterest mistakes you have been making.

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Pinterest mistakes

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