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Pinterest Presents 2023|Annual Global Advertiser Summit

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Pinterest Presents had a grand annual global advertiser summit 2023 on 13th September.

This summit was fully loaded with lots of exciting upcoming products and features beneficial for advertisers and Pinterest users. We’ll review all of them here.

In this summit, Pinterest Presents laid down a complete map of a user’s journey that begins with a search query and leads to a buying decision. This exercise was executed to bring forward more opportunities for advertisers to look into for even better conversion rates.

Bill Watkins, Pinterest’s Chief Revenue Officer said that we are working to bring innovation to provide a full-funnel solution for advertisers to show their products to target audiences. He further added that they are adding more value to analytics to analyze consumer’s complete journey.

Product & Features launched at Pinterest Presents Annual Global Advertiser Summit 2023

A few important products and features were launched at this summit by Pinterest Presents, which look promising to bring a positive change in online marketing specifically Pinterest marketing.

Every month a huge number of Pinterest audiences use Pinterest to seek inspiration. Pinterest has designed these new products and features to help advertisers showcase their products in such a way that it becomes easier for a Pinterest user to move a step forward and make a decision.

New Products by Pinterest Presents 2023

Now let’s see what these new products are launched by Pinterest Presents.

  1. Premiere spotlight on search and home feed
  2. Showcase ads
  3. Quiz ads

1. Premiere Spotlight on Search and Home Feed

Earlier this year Pinterest introduced the Premiere spotlight feature on search for the brands. Now Pinterest is extending this feature from search to home feed. This way Pinterest users will be able to see the ad on their home feeds as they open the app.

This feature will help the brands to promote their products with maximum visibility.

As for now, this feature is available in the US, UK, Canada, France, Germany, Australia, Spain, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, Mexico and Brazil.

2. Showcase Ads on Pinterest

This format of ads has been designed keeping in mind to help users know more about the product and the brand.

They will serve as an interactive medium between the brand and the user.

The brands will be able to create a comprehensive ad using cards and inbuilt features to put forward their products.

Using this interactive experience users will be able to discover more about the brands and the products they offer.

3. Quiz Ads by Pinterest

This is yet another ad format introduced by Pinterest. This will encourage the brands to create an interesting quiz consisting of three questions at maximum.

This will provide an entertaining way of engagement between brands and the users leading them to make decisions and purchases.

Current Availability of Showcase ads and Quiz ads

At this time these two ad formats are available in the US, UK, Canada, France, Germany, New Zealand, Australia, Brazil, Japan, Mexico, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, and the Netherlands.

According to Pinterest, these ads will be available in other countries later in the year.

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    New Features Introduced by Pinterest Presents 2023

    In this annual summit, Pinterest Presents also announced a few new features to help advertisers and users.

    1. Pinterest Business Manager

    Pinterest Business Manager will allow advertisers to automate work conveniently and in much less time. This is a powerful tool comprising five new features to help advertisers manage employees and partners. Pinterest Business Manager will help advertisers and agencies to work efficiently and will provide them with a business dashboard. This will in turn help them evaluate the outcome of their investments and to plan successful targeting goals.

    Pinterest Business Manager will be available in all countries later this year with Pinterest ads.

    2. Creative Studio at First Glance

    In this summit by Pinterest Presents, Pinterest also shared the first look of their Creative Studio. This will provide the brands with a faster way to create lifestyle imagery for product pins.

    In this Creative Studio brands will be able to add their pin link, select a best-suited prompt, and then the studio will generate a selection of custom background visuals.

    Initially, Creative Studio will be available to selected US brands later this year for test purposes. Pinterest also announced that interested brands can reach out to them to participate in the testing phase.

    3. Improving the Shopping Experience on Pinterest

    Pinterest is not only a platform for inspiration, it also helps its users to make a decision and purchase. According to studies about 55%of Pinterest users are using this platform to shop.

    To further improve the shopping experience of the users Pinterest has announced some new features.

    Mobile Deep Links and Direct Links

    Recently Pinterest has introduced mobile deep links for advertisers. Now taking a step forward Pinterest is adding direct links.

    This is a new way to help Pinterest users in their buying journey, eventually helping the brands to increase conversions.

    Mobile deep links serve to direct users who click on a shopping ad, to a specific page in a retailer’s mobile app to make a purchase.

    Direct links will help users reach the retailer’s website with just a click on a Pinterest ad. These links are available within consideration, conversion, and shopping campaigns.

    Ecommerce integrations

    Pinterest is introducing two new integration systems for Salesforce Commerce Cloud and Adobe Commerce native applications. These new integrations will allow merchants to manage and set up their Pinterest product catalogs within Salesforce and Adobe.

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      4. Collages

      This is a unique and new feature introduced by Pinterest to let their users create and visualize their inspiration. This is an awesome tool that will help Pinterest users cut objects and elements from a pin and then add them to other cutouts to create a visual appeal of their ideas.

      Using this feature, Pinterest users can curate visual content that really inspires them and helps in decision-making for shopping.

       No doubt the addition of collage will bring a new perspective and element to user experience and shopping on this Platform. Brands that are interested can begin by updating their catalogs on Pinterest so that users can start creating inspirational collages.

      As for now, this new feature is in the testing process and will be available worldwide soon.

      Pinterest presents
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      Final Word

      Pinterest Presents 2023 had an annual global advertiser summit on 13th September 2023. This summit was full of exciting new products and features. Some of these products and features are in the testing phase and will be available globally soon.

      Like always, Pinterest has come forward with amazing tools to help brands and advertisers showcase their products to users in an interactive manner.

      On the other hand, Pinterest has also prioritized improved user experience and interface specifically for Pinterest shoppers by introducing its new feature called collage.

      Let me know in the comments which of the new products or features are you excited about the most.

      I am really excited to use the feature of collage.

      Share these wonderful new Pinterest Prsents updates with your friends as well.

      new pinterest updates at Pinterest presents 2023

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