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Pinterest Rich Pin Validation Update 2023

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Are you lately facing some problems with Pinterest rich pin validation? If yes, then you are at the right place. Here we will discuss what problems are Pinterest users face while rich pin validation and what is the solution for this.

But first, let me tell you what Pinterest rich pins are.

What are the Pinterest Rich Pins

Rich pins are pins that provide a lot of information and all this information is constantly synchronized with the updates on the website or blog.

What are the Types of Pinterest Rich Pins

There are three types of rich pins.

Recipe rich pins:

These types of rich pins include data like title, serving size, cooking time, and a list of ingredients to recipes that are saved on the website.

Article rich pins

These types of rich pins include information like the title, description, and the author of the article or blog post from the website.

Product rich pins

These kinds of pins include the latest prices, availability, and product information.

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    Pinterest Rich Pin Validation Update 2023:

    Previously to enable rich pins you needed to paste the page URL into the rich pin validator and click validate.

    After a few hours or days, Pinterest used to send a confirmation email to inform you that your rich pins have been enabled.

    But in the Summer of 2023, Pinterest has come up with an update for enabling rich pins. Now Pinterest has set a redirect from the page URL for Rich Pins Validator towards a page of general information about Rich Pins.

    In the official Pinterest community for creators, this query has been raised by creators that they are not able to validate their rich pins anymore. A Pinterest moderator of that community answered that now this process is fully automatic for all types of rich pins and doesn’t require any manual validation.


    How Rich Pins Work?

    According to the Pinterest article and recipe rich pins will automatically synchronize with all the changes made on the website.

    If you manually make changes to the pin on Pinterest, then it will overwrite the rich metadata.

    For the product-rich pins updated information will only be shown if merchant guidelines are met and stock of product is available.

    Importance of Adding Tags to the Website

    According to Pinterest, to enable proper synchronization, rich meta tags should be added to the pages.

    Content of all the pages with correct meta tags will appear as rich pins on Pinterest. Previously existing pins that are linked back to pages with meta tags will also appear as rich pins and provide updated information.

    It may take up to 24 hours for this synchronization.

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      How to Remove Pinterest Rich Pins?

      If for any reason you want to remove rich pin data from a page, you need to add the following tag in the header section of that specific page before closing the body tag.

      <meta name=”pinterest-rich-pin” content=”false” />

      Once this tag is inserted, rich pin data will be removed for that specific page. Rich pins for all the other pages will stay unaffected unless this tag is added to the header section of those pages.

      If ever you want to enable rich pin again, you just need to remove this tag from the header section of that specific page.

      Also read, how to delete pinterest account and pinterest pins.


      Rich pins are vital for providing important and up-to-date information to audiences. Previously rich pins needed to be validated using Rich PIN Validator.

      But recently Pinterest came up with changes and informed their users that there is no more requirement of applying for rich pin validation. Pinterest will now automatically enable rich pins and synchronize will all the information and changes on the website.

      If you manually make any changes to pins on Pinterest, then rich metadata will be overwritten.

      To remove Pinterest rich pins, you need to add a tag in the header section of that specific page, and to again enable rich pins you just need to remove that tag. When you remove rich pins from a specific page then rich pins from all other pages remain unaffected.

      let me know in comments if you already knew about this Pinterest rich pin validation update and please share it with your friends.

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