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Pinterest’s Initiative to Increase Body Type Representation on the Platform

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Have you heard of Pinterest’s initiative to increase body type representation on the platform? If not, let me enlighten you about this new update from Pinterest.

Pinterest is a US-based platform used for sharing visual content. It lets its users discover, save, and interact with visual forms of content namely pins.

According to statistics Pinterest has about 459 million monthly active users worldwide and 40.8% of them are the ages of between 25 and 34 years. Another important fact is that female users make up more than two-thirds of Pinterest’s audience.

Pinterest is known for rolling out different updates from time to time. In September 2023, it took a new initiative to bring forward content representing different body types using its AI feature.

This is a new concept, put forward by Pinterest to identify different body types in over 5 billion images on Pinterest. Pinterest’s AI system mainly uses shape and size to identify different body types.

Previously Pinterest has used similar technology to identify different skin tones and to represent them across related feeds and search results for wedding and women’s fashion. This policy has also been implemented on try-on beauty and makeup products like lipsticks and eyeshadows.

No doubt this great initiative has made Pinterest a platform for all, which prioritizes representation of all races and body types on its platform.

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    Why it’s Important to Represent all Body Types and Skin Tones

    Pinterest is a widely used platform all over the world. The main intention of its users is to find inspiration. And if a platform fails to represent the user or its needs, it is difficult for anyone to feel inspired.

    But Pinterest has been leading, amongst all other social media platforms, in taking the initiative to represent all. And this move by Pinterest has strengthened its bond with its users.

    Pinterest has always been an initiative taker to bring forward the best user experience. It has always promoted a diverse and inclusive environment for its audiences.

    all body types representation

    How will Pinterest Represent all Skin Tones and Body Types

    Pinterest team has always been working hard to bring positive change and better experience for its users. Pinterest is now employing AI to identify varying skin tones and body types in all the available content on Pinterest and then show it in search results.

    For example, if you search on Pinterest for date night outfit inspiration, search results will show you a variety of results depicting different body types and skin tones.

    all body representation pinterest

    All Body Type Representation on Mobile Devices

    Recently Pinterest has introduced another feature to represent all body types. On a mobile device if you search for something specially related to dress inspiration you will get an option to select your body type and then Pinterest will show results according to it.

    all body type representation on mobile

    How will this Feature Help Brands

    This update will be helpful not only for users but also for the brands. This will help the brands working for different skin tones and body types with their chances of showing up more frequently in the search results. Thus, getting more eyeballs on their content and product, eventually increasing their revenue by implementing proper Pinterest marketing strategy.


    Pinterest serves as a search engine and social media platform. It has a huge audience base from all over the world that is using this platform for inspiration and ideas.

    Pinterest has always been at the forefront of prioritizing user experience and user intuition. Keeping the tradition alive Pinterest has yet again presented and implemented the use of Al to discover different body types and to reflect it more in the search results. This is done to inculcate a feeling of inclusiveness amongst its users.

    These time-to-time updates also helps bloggers and business owners to improve and optimize their content so that they can reach wider audiences which are interested in their content.

    if you want to know more details about this Read here.

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