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Top 11 Worth Starting Stay-At-Home Mom Online Business Ideas to Make Extra Cash

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Want to learn about worth starting stay-at-home mom online business ideas?

Yes? let’s dig in.

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This is an era where many women want to build their careers along with looking after their families. This is very good and needs to be appreciated. But still, there is a large proportion of mothers, who by choice or due to domestic reasons, stay at home. This way they can spend more time with their kids and family.

But staying at home doesn’t at all mean that you cannot follow your dreams or earn a handsome amount of money (because who doesn’t like it). This money can be used for family vacations coming up, for paying bills, expanding your business, shopping (my all-time favorite), or even can be saved for some unforeseen circumstances.

So, it is very essential to think of a good side hustle, kick-start your home-based business and earn a good amount of cash.

For this post, I will be talking about the best online business ideas for stay-at-home moms.

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How to Start an Online Business from Home

Before digging deep into the list of stay-at-home mom online business ideas, I think it is essential to discuss how to start an online business from home.

Although rules of starting a business online or offline are more or less similar. But there are a few parameters that will help you start and grow your online business in a better way. They include.

1.Some knowledge of technology that you will be using, internet and laptop in this case

2.Time management

3.Communication skill

Knowledge of technology primarily the internet and laptop are important because it will form the basis of your online business. Don’t worry I am not saying that you should be an expert in it from day one. Just have a little know-how and you will become well-informed with time.

Time management on the other hand is very essential. Sitting and working all day in front of your laptop will devoid you of some quality time with your family and will cause you to gain extra calories. Which surely isn’t desired.

We all know that communication skill is a very important part of any business either online or offline. But particularly I am talking about it here because in an online business your customer/consumer cannot see you in person. You are just interacting virtually.

So, in such a situation it becomes more important to communicate in a better way so that whatever is said gets heard and understood in the right way.

So, now without further due let’s begin with the stay-at-home mom online business ideas.

Best Stay-At-Home Mom Online Business Ideas


If you are passionate about writing, this is what you can choose.

Blogging is a great way to get yourself a creative outlet where you can express your thoughts.

Having said that, let me tell you blogging journey is not an easy one and not the one which will help you make money instantly.

So, if you plan to blog keep in mind that it takes a lot of hard work and patience to become a good blogger and to build a revenue-generating blog.

There is a lot of learning involved. You need to decide your niche, choose your platform (blogger or WordPress), buy a domain and hosting, and start blogging.

And then putting lots and lots of quality content. Remember to keep quality above quantity, because we already have many blogs on the internet which do not serve the purpose.

So, always keep in mind that your content should be solving the problems of your target audience.

Along the way, you need to learn SEO and social media marketing. It will take time but will become easier over time. But keep in mind that driving organic traffic through google will take time so try to drive traffic through Pinterest and social media platforms like Instagram. I have pre-designed quality social media templates for you, so you don’t have to worry about creating a lot of pins from scratch.

Read here how you can use Pinterest to drive traffic to your blog.

Get free Pinterest pin templates here.

Once you have established your brand and have been successful in attracting traffic then there are multiple ways to monetize it.

For example, using ad networks, sponsored posts, affiliate marketing, and creating your own digital product.

Learn how to start a money-making blog here.


The second on the list of stay-at-home mom online business ideas is freelancing. Freelancing means working on contracts or assignments for different individuals or companies for which you get paid. I believe this is a relatively easy and quick way to make money.

You just need to have a skill and if you don’t have one, don’t worry. You can learn on YouTube or a few websites like Coursera and Udemy.

Once you have acquired a skill, join different freelancing platforms like Fiverr, Upwork, or freelancing Facebook groups and start hunting for tasks according to your skills.

Here I would like to share the way that worked well for me, and I got a chance to do freelance writing. And that was by joining and staying active in Facebook freelancing groups. You will find many such groups on Facebook to join. You must give them a try if want to do freelancing.

You can also get freelance work by word of mouth. When you are interested in doing some sort of work from home, you can ask your family and friends to promote you in their circle. There is a good chance that you will find some good offers.

There is always an increase in demand for good freelance writers, copywriters, and graphic designers.

3.Affiliate marketing

This brings us to another way of home-based online business that generates a good amount of cash and that is affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is a process of marketing someone else’s product to your audience and for each qualifying sale, you get a commission.

Now the question that must be in your mind would be how do I do affiliate marketing? So, the answer is that you can do affiliate marketing on your website, email marketing, or social media.

I would suggest you, start a website, build a well-targeted audience with good content, and then sign up for some good affiliate programs. A few famous ones are Amazon, Shareasale, CJ affiliate, and Flexoffers. After signing up for a few affiliate networks start promoting the products which resonate best with the interest of your audience.

Another benefit of having a website is that you can gather the email addresses of your interested audience and later send them emails about your affiliate offers. This can also work best if you want to sell your own product.

Affiliate marketing on social media can be tricky. For this, you will have to read the policy of every affiliate network you join regarding promoting links on social media. Keep in mind that most affiliate networks do not allow the direct promotion of their links on social media because it sounds spammy.

Learn here how to do affiliate marketing on Pinterest.

4.Virtual Assistant

The next online business on my list is virtual assistance. In this business, you provide your assistance to other businesses, brands, or other people for which they pay you.

You can be a virtual assistant in any field of your expertise or interest. You might think that there is a higher demand for a particular service, but you lack the skill needed for it. So, in that case, you don’t need to worry. These days there are a lot of websites that offer free and paid courses which you can join. You may also find a lot of informative content on YouTube and Google.

Once you have learned the required skills you can sell them on platforms like Fiverr, Upwork, and in Facebook groups. Famous virtual assistant jobs these days are social media handling particularly Pinterest, answering emails, and phone calls, and organizing and managing files for different businesses.

5.Online Content Creation

You must have heard about content creators, but if you don’t know how they make money, let me enlighten you. Online Content creators are those who create content on social media sites like YouTube, Instagram,Facebook or TikTok.

They create content which is informative or entertaining. With time they develop a good following and then they mainly monetize their social media accounts through sponsored posts, offering their services or products. And in the case of YouTube, they also make money by showing ads on their videos.

If this resonates with you, you can also opt for this method to make money from the comfort of your home.

Creating content can be time consuming, so you can use our premade social media templates to ease your work and grow fast on social media.

6.Digital products

The next on the list of stay-at-home mom online business ideas is selling digital products. There are several digital products that you can create and sell online. Some of the digital products that you can create include:





Social media graphics/ templates

Mobile apps

Web elements

Software programs

Mentioned above are the well-known digital products that are created and sold. Some of these may sound easy and familiar to you. But at least a few of them require some more expertise.

But again, as I said earlier, there are a ton of ways to learn the skills and then create digital products to sell. The creation of a digital product requires a lot of effort and hard work initially but once they are created, it can be sold multiple times and on multiple platforms.

One way of selling these digital products is to market them to your audience either on your website or any social media platform. Another way is to sell your product on relevant online platforms, for example, you can sell your e-books on Amazon, courses on Udemy, music on SoundCloud, and photos on iStockphoto.

7.Online Consultancy

Providing online consultancy means helping people with your expertise in that particular field.

In this era, there is a huge demand for good online consultancy. But to provide an online consultancy service you need to be well-versed in the field you are in. Only this way you can provide good and helpful knowledge to the people. And in the end, making them aware and solve their problem, which is the ultimate goal of online consultancy.

I think this is best for stay-at-home moms who specialize in a particular field but cannot work outside due to small kids. Online consultancy is doing good in the fields of health and business management.

8.Online teaching

This business idea is somewhat similar to what I just mentioned before. In online teaching, you provide your teaching services to students.

Many online platforms allow you to register and start providing teaching services to students from the comfort of your house.

A few such well-known platforms include, Chegg tutors, and Tutor.


Another eminent online business idea is online coaching. If you are a fitness expert and love to do aerobics, yoga, and workouts then you have a good chance of earning a handsome amount of cash.

These days when everything is becoming digital, people are switching to online coaching for their fitness. And you can take advantage of it. You can provide your services through social media such as making paid Facebook groups.

Another way that is recommended is by making a website and offering monthly membership to your target audience.

10.E-Commerce Store

One of the good home-based online businesses is an e-commerce store. To run an e-commerce store you will need to purchase things at a lower cost and then sell them in your e-commerce store at a profitable price. Usually, this business is more profitable if you buy the products in bulk. This sort of business is good and can be very successful but it needs a certain amount of initial investment.

Another way can be that you make an e-commerce store and you allow other sellers to display their products and you get a certain amount of commission with each sale.


Let’s talk about drop shipping now. This business is getting a lot of hype these days.

In this business, you don’t have to keep the products with you. You just need to do marketing and can sell the products at your prices. And this makes it different from affiliate marketing, in which you cannot set the prices and only receive a commission on the sale.

Starting the drop shipping business is a good option for start-ups and has a huge potential to grow with time.

Wrapping upStay-At-Home Mom Online Business Ideas

If you are a stay-at-home mom and want to earn that extra cash that you always dreamed of. Then there are a lot of online possibilities waiting for you.

 Just to name some you can do blogging, freelancing, affiliate marketing, online consultancy, run an e-commerce store or step into the drop shipping business.

Blogging and affiliate marketing are my personal favorites.

Let me know in the comments which one of these stay-at-home mom online business ideas you liked the most and are planning to start soon.

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