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Who Owns Pinterest: Exploring the Creative Platform’s Possessors

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Are you curious to know who owns Pinterest?

We’ll get to know about the owners in a bit but before that let’s just see what Pinterest really is. When it comes to seeking inspiration, creating mood boards, and uncovering novel concepts, Pinterest has emerged as an essential platform for countless users worldwide.

Estimations suggest that in 2023, there will be approximately 544 million active monthly users on Pinterest, marking a 21% surge, equivalent to around 94 million additional users compared to 2022. Consequently, over 11% of global social media users engage with the app on a monthly basis.

With its aesthetically pleasing interface and extensive range of content, Pinterest has successfully positioned itself as a popular haven for creativity.

However, have you ever pondered over the identities of those who possess Pinterest? Here, we will get to know who owns Pinterest, and who are the key stakeholders of this innovative social media platform and visual search engine.

who owns Pinterest

Who Owns Pinterest

Pinterest was founded by three people, Ben Silbermann, Evan Sharp, and Paul Sciarra. Since its start, the company has undergone numerous changes in terms of ownership. Let us delve deeper into the primary entities and individuals associated with Pinterest:

Who Owns PinterestCo-founders:

Now let’s see who the co-founders of Pinterest are.

Ben Silbermann:

Ben Silbermann, one of the co-founders of Pinterest, currently assumes the role of the company’s CEO, playing a pivotal part in molding its vision and facilitating Pinterest’s growth.

Evan Sharp:

Another co-founder, Evan Sharp, brings forth a profound design background to Pinterest. Serving as the Chief Design and Creative Officer, Sharp contributes to enhancing the platform’s user experience and overall aesthetic.

Paul Sciarra:

Paul Sciarra was the third co-founder in the initial stages of the development of this visual search engine. However, in 2012, he decided to part ways with the company for personal reasons and to work on pursue other ventures.

Now let’s talk about early investors of Pinterest.

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Early Investors of Pinterest:

Bessemer Venture Partners:

Bessemer Venture Partners, a prominent venture capital firm, emerged as one of the earliest investors on Pinterest. Their unwavering support played a crucial role in fueling the platform’s early growth and development.

Andreessen Horowitz:

Another influential investor in Pinterest is Andreessen Horowitz, a leading venture capital firm. Their involvement has significantly contributed to the strategic expansion and triumph of the platform.

Public Investors:

In April 2019, Pinterest introduced its shares on the New York Stock Exchange for its future growth.


The ownership of Pinterest is widely distributed among various shareholders, encompassing institutional investors, individual investors, and mutual funds. These stakeholders possess stocks in the company, symbolizing their ownership stakes.

ConclusionWho Owns Pinterest

Pinterest, the cherished visual search engine serving as a wellspring of creative inspiration, boasts a diverse ownership structure involving co-founders, early investors, and public shareholders. The co-founders, namely Ben Silbermann and Evan Sharp, continue to exert profound influence, spearheading the development and evolution of Pinterest.

As Pinterest continues to evolve, it remains the best visual search engine used by a growing audience. Whether you seek home decor concepts, engaging DIY projects, or tantalizing recipes, Pinterest stands as the collective creation of individuals who believe in its potential to inspire and ignite boundless imagination.

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